CRISPR4P: CRISPR Pombe PCR Primer Program (or CRISPR ‘for’ Pombe)

  • CRISPR4P is a web-tool to design sgRNAs and primers required for deletions using CRISPR/Cas9.

AnGeLi: Analysis of Gene Lists

  • AnGeLi is a tool for gene set enrichment analysis.

Spotsizer: Software for quantitative analysis of microbial growth

  • Spotsizer is a tool for high-throughput quantification of colony sizes.

Gene Expression Viewer

  • GE Viewer is a visualization tool to look up gene expression profiles in different conditions.

pombeTV: pombe Transcriptome Viewer

  • pombeTV is a tool for displaying tiling chip and next-generation sequencing data for genomic regions.

PInt: Pombe Interactome

  • PInt is a tool that allows you to retrieve predictions of fission yeast protein interactions, based on more than 100 features of the proteins.

YOGY: eukarYotic OrtholoGY

  • YOGY is an integrated resource to search for orthologous proteins in 11 organisms.

PPPP: Pombe PCR Primer Programs

Web-interface scripts to design primers for PCR-based gene targeting in S. pombe

Microarray Data


  • Protocols we use for microarray experiments.


Other scripts

These scripts are for primer design and initial microarray data processing and are available as .zip files:

Microarray Primer Database

  • Primer Database to retrieve the sequences and accompanying information for primers and PCR products used for our in-house arrays.